Gestión Comercial Magsis




Manage factories, wholesale suppliers, businesses, and workshops



Gestión Comercial Magsis has been designed to monitor all of your business' information that is related to customers, suppliers, products, sales, purchases, and other important information. Using this tool will save your company precious time and will help you a huge amount with the administration side of your business.

The main function of this business management program is to monitor the productivity of your small or medium-size business and to stay up to date on the distribution of products, the sales, and all the other services that your business offers.

Gestión Comercial Magsis is a very comprehensive and adaptable tool that tells you the amount of stock you have, the movement of the products, and the sales statistics. All of these functions are clearly depicted and you won't get confused by the application's interface. The program keeps track of any debts and also keeps a friendly eye on your salespeople.

Additionally, all of these reports can be exported to Excel so that they can be adapted to your specific needs. Also, users can send and receive messages between different devices that use this program, making communication within your business even quicker and more efficient.